Chicago: 1893-2023


The Problem:

Most websites that house embedded videos do little more than act as a container. But the Internet offers an opportunity to extend and enhance the narrative the moment a user loads the URL. Let's find ways to improve storytelling and video integration on the web and create a unique, narrative-driven user experience.

The Assets:

The Coldest Winter

February in Chicago - a mysterious power outage has left the city without electricity for months. Although cold and hungry, Laura, Desha and Greg have managed to survive on their own until the arrival of a confused, unknown stranger creates chaos.

This film is set in the year 2023.

The Assassination of Chicago's Mayor

A newspaper peddler named Patrick Prendergast has delusions of greatness. Evidently slighted by the mayor, this self-anointed messenger prepares for a glorious rise from ignored lobbyist to influential icon. Prendgerast sees himself as a martyr, serving God with a noble purpose. The reality is far different.

The Assassination of Chicago's Mayor is a historical account of late 19th century Chicago full of rhetoric that feels eerily contemporary. Prendergast follows his brand of ideological righteousness to its hateful end, an end where justice and revenge are one in the same.

This film is set in the year 1893.